Meet Your Trainer:
Chad Paradis

Chad Paradis is a personal trainer in San Angelo at The Fitness Zone

Chad Paradis



Chad has been training since 2007 and began training clients in 2010.  He has a vast knowledge of the human body as well as nutrition.  For men wanting to gain some muscle/put on mass, let Chad push you through the workouts & give you a solid nutrition plan to make it happen.  For women wanting to lose weight & tone up, he can make that happen too!  

Regardless whether your goal is to gain weight or lose weight, he has the knowledge to get you there.  Chad has a quick wit and great sense of humor that will surely help push you through any workout.  He’s an amazing life coach for his clients as well as having the necessary knowledge to turn them into the person they dreamed they want to be. 

Past Experience

NPC state level winner 

Two time nationally qualified bodybuilder